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“nCLOUDr was created to leverage the great advancements in technology and innovations in the world which we intend to deliver to our clients to increase efficiency, reliability and security.”

Shelvin Narayan

Director of Cybersecurity

Shelvin Narayan is a senior risk management and cyber security specialist and Director of Cyber Security at nCLOUDr. Shelvin has a broad range of business experience within a range of companies from start-ups to major listed global entities. Shelvin has additionally held roles in risk management, insurance and the finance industry in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Japan over the last 20 years.

Shelvin is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Institute for Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF). Born in Fiji, raised in Sydney Shelvin has made Dubbo home for the last 5 years where he lives with his wife and young family. Shelvin ‘s passions include education, technology and risk management, cricket, golf and travel. Shelvin holds a Bachelor of Business (Finance & Marketing) from UTS, Sydney and an MBA in
International Business from University of East London. He is currently studying a Master of Cyber Security at La Trobe University.