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Benefits of working with us

One-stop shop

If it has to do with security, we will get it done. Period. We assemble a team of seasoned, certified security leaders, analysts, testers, and ethical hackers to set and execute your security program for each project.

We watch the clock

Collaboration should benefit both sides and you can trust that we stick to deadlines.

Zero ramp-up time

We hit the ground running the day you sign the deal. When it comes to enabling security solutions, we’ve always got your back.

Demand driven

Our clients have the ability to scale their dedicated teams the way they want. Our “demand-driven” model gives every business an additional boost to security.


The full cycle of services to assess your organization’s defense against real-world Internet threats.

Penetration testing
Web/Mobile apps security assessment
API security assessment
ASVS assessment
Network security assessment
Cloud security assessment
Code security assessment


The full cycle of services to implement security plans with the best of grade security consultancy and security solutions.

Email migration
Cloud migration
Secure network configuration
Network segmentation
Backup and DR implementation
Anti-virus and EDR migration

Point Solutions

Solutions to plug in your existing IT to provide a security-focused infrastructure. Establish a strong defence system against hackers.

DMARC solution
Email secure gateway
OS hardening
Web Application firewall
EDR solution
Cloud security

Secure Anywhere

Security solution for unforeseen work from home situations to ensure military-grade security for remote organizations.

SSL with MFA
Endpoint Detection and Response
Email secure gateway
Phishing protection
Data Leak Prevention

Threat Meter

Continuous security scanning to know the score of your ever-changing security posture. Be aware of what hackers see when they target your organization.

External Attack Surface Monitoring
Brand & Reputation Monitoring
Data Leak Monitoring in Dark web
Phishing Threats Detection
Rogue Mobile Apps Detection
Takedown Services

Security is not just about technology. It’s about the trust your customers put in you. You’ll sleep much better knowing that we’ve got your back with our delightfully simple security solutions.

SOC as-a Service

Security monitoring, done in the right way with the right tools and expert team. Implementation of SOC in an easy manner.

IR Process
IT Service Management
24*7 L1 monitoring
On-demand backend and forensic support
Continuous improvements on SIEM tuning
Compliance reports
Board reports from CISO